Confused Penguin Almost Walks Away With Strangers Before His Friend Stops Him

We’ve all had situations in the past where we found ourselves lost in a big crowd. Well, it turns out that this also happens to penguins.

YouTube channel The Southern Barlows recently shared an amazing video that shows two groups of Rockhopper penguins meeting at the Falkland Islands. The groups exchange brief greetings and continue on their way.

However, one penguin gets confused and almost walks away with a handful of strangers. Luckily for him, one of his friends notices this and returns to get him.

The two quickly rejoin their original group and happily hop away. As shown in the video below, the way they look out for one another is quite adorable.

Rockhopper penguins usually travel in groups, because the trips to the ocean and back to their colonies are safer in the company of others.

While they aren’t considered to have a tight “social circle”, rockhoppers can recognize their friends and partners among thousands of others in the colony thanks to visual and vocal cues. This is what most likely prompted one of the penguins to get his pal back!