Coo-Per the Pigeon Wears Pigeon Pants And Looks Very Fashionable

Did you know that you can keep a pigeon as a pet? According to animal enthusiast Tyler Rugge, pigeons are very intelligent animals with great navigation skills. They were domesticated by people hundreds of years ago and later released from captivity.

But that’s not all! Believe it or not, you can make a pigeon to wear pigeon pants! Can you imagine a bird in a tuxedo? Neither can we!

Rugge shared a video on his YouTube channel titled Why Pigeons Make Great Pets, where he introduced his girlfriend’s white-feathered boy called Coo-per. After listing some of the main reasons why you should consider adopting a pigeon, he said that besides parrots, pigeons can wear pants.

“You can get a variety of different types of pants for pigeons. We actually have a really nice array of pigeon pants,” he said.

“They are really cute and it is nice that you can put a liner in the pants, so the pigeon will poop in the pants, and you can just change out the liner,” Rugge continued. “It is actually really very sanitary because there’s a pouch that the poop falls down into, so it’s not going to be touching your bird.”

If you want to see Coo-per’s best OOTD’s, check out the gallery below.