Cool Video Shows 5 Signs That Will Tell You if Cow is Happy

It turns out that cows have various ways to show you if they are happy around you or if they lead a happy life overall.

The staff at farm animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn made a video in which they showcased five signs that show their rescue cows are happy in their new home. And some of them are quite surprising.

According to The Gentle Barn, the first sign is that cows expose their bellies. This is an invitation to give them belly rubs and a way to show they trust someone. Next, cows will initiate close contact with humans by licking or hugging them.

The third sign is that cows will chew the cud, which indicates that they are feeling safe and that their digestive system is working well. Also, they will start doing zoomies as a display of playful and happy behavior.

Finally, the fifth sign is a rather unexpected one. According to The Gentle Barn’s video, which was viewed 5.4 million times, cows will make “purring sounds.” They apparently only do this when they are “extremely relaxed and content.”

Check out this cool video below and see five signs that will allow you to recognized when a cow is happy.


The last one always surprises people! ❤️ Here are 5 signs we look for to make sure the rescued cows at our animal sanctuaries are happy, healthy & fulfilled #happycows #rescuecows #farmanimalsanctuary

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