Couple Rescued a Dog While on Vacation

Brian Fair and Victoria Martinez were enjoying their vacation in Puerto Rico when they found an adorable little puppy in the woods.

“His tail was wagging, so we knew that was a good sign,” Fair shared with The Dodo. “So the plan was to take him in, wash him and see if he had owners and we took him back to Victoria’s grandparents’ house.”

When the time come for Fair and Martinez to go home, they decided they couldn’t leave Taíno there.

“We were just hoping we weren’t going to leave him and then come back,” Martinez shared with The Dodo. “’Cause a lot of the research said importing dogs to Puerto Rico takes about a 30-day quarantine. They checked his skin, they checked him for fleas, they took his blood work. To find out we were able to bring him home that week, was awesome.”

However, the couple soon discovered that he had a bump on his leg and needed surgery. Fortunately, the procedure went well, and Taíno was as happy as ever.

If you want to keep up with Taíno adventures, check out his Instagram page below.