Craftsman Builds Steampunk Figurines of Animals Using Discarded Items

Russian craftsman Igor Verniy found the perfect way to combine his love for animals and passion for building things. He takes discarded items like watches, car parts, household pieces, and turns them into amazing steampunk figurines of birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals.

In a recent chat with My Modern Met, Verniy explained how he got the idea for this unique project, “My love of natural science and engineering, plus my passion for robots and science fiction, requires me to create something unique and alive. This is biology and robotics. Longing for the future.”

While these sculptures have features that make them seem like they come from a distant future, they are also incredibly life-like. This is the result of Verniy’s dedication to details and constant observation of animals that he uses to model his crafts.

Check out more of Verny’s works below.

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