Curious Bear Cub Startles a Sleeping Man in This Hilarious Video

Falling asleep under the open sky has both its perks and its risks. Two men from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia learned that lesson recently after their outdoor nap was cut short by a bear cub.

Following a hard day’s work, two fishermen decided to take a break and fell asleep on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. While the men were sleeping, a curious bear cub approached them and started exploring around.

At one moment the cub stepped on one man’s foot causing him to wake. After seeing the bear in front of him, the man started yelling in an attempt to scare the animal and get his friend’s attention. While the cub quickly got the message and started running away, his friend took a while to react to the danger and get up.

Ilya Nikolsky, who was drinking tea with some friends nearby, managed to capture this funny situation on camera and later shared it on social media.

“We started shouting to the fishermen to wake up, but because of the surf of the ocean we could not be heard,” – Nikolsky explained in a chat with For The Win Outdoors. “We were afraid that the bear was coming for the fishermen, but fortunately the bear was small.”

Nikolsky added that the bear cub later came back in hopes to get some food from the fishermen before walking away.