Cute Illustrations of Animals Enjoying Japanese Culture

Let’s face it, art inspired by animals is a joy to see. Just take the works of Instagram user meronpan.94 as an example.

This talented artist creates cute illustrations of animals hanging out on Japan’s streets or enjoying Japanese culture. The artworks are part of their project Meronpan, which has been ongoing for more than a year and often stars other people’s pets.

Despite looking simple, the process of creating these adorable pieces is long and has several phases. The artist first makes a sketch, then fills the work with ink and watercolors, and finally puts the finishing touches with the help of digital editing.

Still, the final outcome is more than worth it is as the artist’s illustrations are calming and immensely enjoyable. We just want to travel to Japan and experience the culture like these adorable pets are doing.

Check out more of them below.