Cute Illustrations Show an Introvert Cat Living Her Best Life

Humans are not the only species on Earth that enjoy being alone from time to time. Scientists have observed numerous examples where animals displayed introverted behavior as well. This inspired illustrator Andrews Amoramar to create a series of adorable illustrations about an introvert cat named Lonecat.

According to Amoramar, Lonecat is not antisocial, he just knows how to spend quality time alone. And you would be surprised how creative he can be.

For example, Lonecat loves taking walks in nature and getting adventurous. But at the same time, he also enjoys chilling in his home, watching TV, sleeping, or snacking on some milk and cookies.

Amoramar says that he hopes his comics will relate to people who also identify as introverts and show them how being alone can be loads of fun. But also that they don’t have to choose between one or another. 

“Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re antisocial, just that you know how to divide your time between friends, family, and yourself,” wrote Amoramar in a self-published post on Bored Panda. “Furthermore, Lonecat is a tribute to our inner children that we tend to forget as the years go by.”

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