Deaf Artist Draws Animals That Want to Escape the Lines

You might have heard about Iantha Naicker, a talented artist and her animal portraits made with sugar and ants. This time, the girl drew animals who want to escape the lines.

“I’m drawing animals on lined, dotted, polar and graph paper once again and it appears as if the animals are ‘playing’ on the page,” Naicker shared with Bored Panda. “At first, it was quite difficult, but I really enjoyed the challenge of drawing them. There are still finishing touches to be done before they appear on the notebook covers.”

Naicker is deaf, however, it doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams. You can find her work on her Facebook page where she shares her creations. She has successfully attracted over four thousand followers and has hundreds of likes on her each animal drawing.

Scroll down and check out Naicker’s creations below. Did she incorporate your favorite furry friend?