Denise Humphrey is Transforming Old Watches Into Steampunk Insects

We’ve seen many artists use insects as their main source of inspiration, but Denise Humphrey is taking things to a whole new level. The British artist is recycling antique watches into steampunk-inspired jewelry that usually takes shape of insects.

Humphrey is the mastermind behind Spanky Spangler Design, and she’s on a mission to recycle broken watches and bulbs into wearable pieces of art. In addition to watch parts and cogs, she also uses everything from brass, sterling silver charms, and chains to create stunning steampunk insects.

“I started out experimenting with some old watch movements, turning them into earrings which sold quite well… My latest creations incorporate old lightbulbs, these are used to create clockwork creatures, which include dragonflies, wasps, spiders, bees and flies,” Humphrey explains on her official website.

We’ve seen this creative artist make everything from earnings to necklaces over the years, but her light-up brooches are especially impressive. They’re usually made from dried flowers encased in a resin ball, and they look truly magical.

Humphrey also offers a pretty impressive collection of bumblebee jewelry, called “Save the Bees”. 10% of the profits from this collection are being donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, which aims to raise awareness about the declining number of bumblebees and the ways to conserve these insects and their habitats.

Check out more of her art on her Instagram and maybe even get some yourself!