Designer Creates Clothes So She Can Match Her Dog

How many times have you wished that the sweater your furry buddy owns comes in a bigger size? Well, one designer made that dream come true.

Kyna Gem Sy is a true magician when it comes to clothes. She creates adorable gears for people all over the world, however, she wanted a wardrobe to match her pets, so she decided to create matchy-matchy clothes for herself and her furry friends.

“My life’s aspiration is really to uplift people and I see this as one of the ways I could do just that,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “Who doesn’t light up seeing a little puppy dressed in an itty bitty blazer right?!”

But, lately, she has been only dressing her tiny doggo named Truffles. She says that her favorite thing is peoples’ reactions to her work.

“What motivates me to do this is because I like seeing people light up.” she added.

If you are interested in seeing more of Gem Sy’s creations, check out her Instagram account below.