Dill the Dog and Pickles the Pig Do Everything Together

Dill and Pickles are best friends–it wouldn’t be weird if they weren’t a dog and pig. They do everything together, however, their favorite thing is to go to the park. Their mom brings them in a stroller and the two totally know when they are about to be at the park.

“We go over this bumpy bridge in their stroller and I think it’s hilarious. Pickles, he’s figured out how to pop the bottom of the stroller open. He waits right until we reached the other side of the bridge and then he hops right out and Dill follows,” their mom told The Dodo and added that people love having Pickles around.

“My favorite thing about taking them to the park is just that, then other people get such a kick out of it and the two of them, they’re stronger when they’re together, you know. I think Dill really looks after Pickles and Dill even has less anxiety when he has Pickles around,” she added.

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