Diver Mon’s Marine Illustrations Will Take You Beneath the Waves

Diver Mon always had a deep love for the ocean and all its creatures, great and small. Her connection with the sea only grew as the years went by, and she decided to channel it through her art, making a series of marine illustrations that will take you beneath the waves.

Mon grew up on the shores of New Zealand, and her love for the ocean has always been an integral part of her identity. She’s a free diver and a scuba dive instructor, who also happens to be an artist at heart and enjoys capturing the beauty of the ocean through her drawings.

“Her creations aren’t just images; they’re windows into the mesmerizing underwater world. Guided by the visual references she captures with her underwater camera and enriched by her personal encounters with marine life, Mon’s art comes to life with authenticity and depth,” she writes on her official website.

Diver Mon’s art found such a huge success on social media that she decided to launch a series of products with her illustrations, from shirts and hoodies to stickers and bags. In addition to sharing her art, she’s also using her platform to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the ocean for future generations.