Dog Allows Butterflies to Sit On His Nose And It’s Adorable

Milo Bennett likes being outside and playing in the garden, just like any other dog. However, he is far from an ordinary doggo. He’s a dog that has a passion for butterflies, and he’s so fascinated with them that he lets them sit on his nose!

Every morning, he gets super-excited when it’s time to go into the garden, only to see his little colorful buddies.

“He runs out every morning. He goes out, and he checks on them,” Milo’s mom Jen shared to The Dodo. “Usually he’ll lay right by where they are. One time there was a butterfly that landed on his nose, and it flew right off, and he was kind of like, ‘Whoa.'”

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a gentle giant who loves sticking his nose in the flowers. He has now been proclaimed as a “Butterfly King” and is extremely popular on social media. He even receives sponsorships and was featured in GMA’s Pet of the week and People Magazine!

Outside of his insect buddies, Milo also makes delicious and healthy dog snacks, with recipes that he shares on his YouTube channel.

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