Dog Believes He is Part of a Cow’s Beard Because Their Coat is Similar

A dog named Lola recently had an identity crisis. She believed that she was part of a cow herd because all the cows had the same black and white coats like she does.

In a viral video shared by Lola’s owner Shaneese McLoughlin, the dog can be seen hanging out with a group of cows. She ignores her owner’s calls to come home and doesn’t react even as McLoughlin points out to her that she is in fact not a cow.

“Anyone else have this problem,” McLoughlin wrote in the caption of the video that received more than 26 million views.


Anyone else have this problem 🤔🐄

♬ original sound – Shaneese McLoughlin

While McLoughlin didn’t seem too thrilled about Lola’s identity crisis, TikTok users were quite amused.

“Lola doesn’t know who you’re talking too but it certainly ain’t her,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“Lola’s just chilling with the homies,” an official social media account of retailer Lidl commented.

McLoughlin later shared a couple of follow-up videos in which she also tried to get Lola’s attention but was ignored. The videos show Lola chasing cows, but we are not sure if she is friendly or has some other intentions.


Replying to @LidlGB lola be tryna eat the homies 🙁

♬ original sound – Shaneese McLoughlin