Dog Climbs Ladder to Join His Owner on the Roof

Image via vincematteson/TikTok

Portland-native Vince Matteson was doing some roof work on his house recently when he noticed his 2-year Labrador Ace joining him up there. The dog was happily exploring the terrain and wondered what his owner was up to.

Matteson was shocked at the sight and believed he was seeing things. Was someone playing a trick on him? How could his dog have climbed up a ladder all on his own?

Curious to get to the bottom of this, Matteson went into his house and checked the footage from the security cameras installed in his backyard. That’s when he ended up being even more surprised.

It turned out that there was no mystery to the event and that Ace casually used the ladder to climb on the roof.

Matteson shared the footage of Ace’s climbing skills on TikTok, and the video quickly went viral.

However, there was the small issue of getting him down. Even though his dog could climb up the ladder, getting down was a lot more dangerous.

“My roommate was home, called him up, and the only thing I said was ‘Umm…. Grant… Will you come out to the backyard for a second?’ He climbed up the ladder, and I handed him, Ace,” Matteson revealed in a recent interview. “Ace is about 75 lbs, so it was definitely a difficult task.”

You can check out the rescue mission below.


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