Dog Doesn’t Like Cats But Still Becomes Best Friends With One

It’s common knowledge that dogs don’t like cats. But as TikTok user Stefany Antico recently learned, this doesn’t mean that they can’t become best friends in the right circumstances.

Antico recently posted a heartwarming video on social media that features her Pitbull Baruck and the kitten she recently rescued hanging out on a bed. This wouldn’t be so surprising if it weren’t for the fact that Baruck previously disliked all cats.

In a chat with The Dodo, Antico explained that she found the cat on her roof several weeks ago. Seeing the feline could use some help, she brought it into her house despite Baruck not being all happy about it.

Antico’s original intention was to nurse the cat to health and then find it a permanent home. But those plans were scrapped once it became obvious that Baruck and the kitten ended up becoming best friends.

“My dog really did adopt him,” Antico explained. “Now, they do everything together.”

Antico admits that she didn’t expect Baruck to be so welcoming to another member of the family, especially one that belongs to the species that he doesn’t like. However, she is happy things turned out this way as it shatters the prejudices about pit bulls being dangerous and shows they are “actually very loving.”