Dog Doesn’t Want to Go On Walk Without His Horse

Camila never dreamed that her 17-year-old horse and one-year-old Blue Labrador would become best buddies. She says that in the beginning, she was a bit worried about how the two would get along.

“Baba was just this little lump of fur. I was like, ’Is he gonna be scared? Or is he gonna be OK?’ He just started licking Asti like, ’Oh! Well, hello!’ Basically trying to figure out, ’What is this little creature in front of me?’ By the first day, [Baba] was running next to Asti,” their mom told The Dodo and added that the two are now inseparable.

Both of them enjoy nature, however, Asti only likes going for rides when his brother from another mother can join.

“I can see that Asti seeks Baba’s face because he wants to greet him. Asti puts his head in Baba’s Face and then Baba just starts licking him all over. And ever since [they met], Asti will put his head down and sometimes his upper lip will also move,” Camila added.

Scroll down and check out their adorable friendship below.