Dog Falls Asleep While Listening to His Owner Sing

Just like humans, animals love music. Parrots, cats, dogs; they all love jamming to tunes. The first to become viral was from Istanbul based animal rescuer Saper Duman who played the piano for his cats.

This time, we present to you a Thai musician, Malinda Herman, and her adorable little Chihuahua named Jiw Jam, which roughly translates to ‘Small and Pretty.’

The musician sang a cover of Lobo’s I’d Love You to Want Me while playing the guitar, and her doggie is touched by her owner’s performance. By the middle of the song, Jiw Jam becomes so sleepy that she rests her paw on the guitar and cuddles up to it.

You can find more videos of the duo on Herman’s YouTube channel where she shares her covers and has attracted over 165 thousand views.

Scroll down and take a look at their performances below. Which one is your favorite?