Dog Fetches a Bottle of Water to His Owner Who is Too Sick to Leave the Bed

Our lives would be a lot worse without dogs. They protect us, keep us company, and even care for us when we are sick, as one viral video on TikTok shows.

TikTok user @facecination recently got so sick they were unable to leave their bad. Getting thirsty, they called their dog Brody and asked him for some water.

In the clip, which got more than one million views in a couple of days, Brody can be seen acting on the plea instantly. He goes to the other room, finds a bottle of water after some rummaging, and brings it to his owner.

“When you are too sick to leave the bed, but your dog keeps you hydrated, “@facecination wrote in the text across the video.

Brody’s “nursing” skills have fascinated other TikTok users. While some praised the pupper for taking care of his owner in the comments section, others joked about how their own dogs needed to step up their game.

“Apparently my dog is an underachiever. What a beautiful baby,” @bethdunnportraitdesign wrote.

“Just showed this to my dog to let him know he needs to step it up around here,” @poetryinmotion08 added.