Dog Gets Jealous When His Mom and Dad are Kissing

Chief is an adorable doggo who was found as a puppy on a cold, snowy Christmas day wandering the streets alone. When his mom and dad visited the shelter where he was situated, they immediately fell in love with him.

“He had these cute little blue-silver eyes that would just stare at us. He was just so sad,” Chief’s mom told The Dodo. “But he was just so cuddly, so cute. I would get really excited coming home and seeing him there and how excited he would get with his little wiggly butt,” whilst his dad explains that he had to lay on the floor with Chief and snuggle because he used to cry a lot during nights.

Now that he is older, he behaves like a jealous teenager who is always there for a group hug or kiss.

“He does this thing where if Karina is hugging him or kissing him he looks directly at me too. I feel like he tries to make me jealous,” the canine’s dad added.

If you want to follow their cute story, check out Chief’s Instagram account.