Dog Has an Adorable Way of Showing Love for Her Human

Time and time again, dogs surprise us with all the creative ways they use to show us they care about us. Just take a look at the way Holly the Blue Staffy lets her human know she loves them.

In a video shared on Instagram, Holly can be seen waiting in the bathroom. As it turns out, Holly has taken on the role of “shower bodyguard” for her human and has been performing it diligently for the past three years, regardless of the time of the day.

“No matter how early it is, no matter how sleepy she is. She refuses to miss a single day of shower bodyguard duty,” Holly’s human explained in the clip, which received more than 900K likes.

Instagram users were amazed at how caring and loving Holly is and made sure to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“I tried to pat her through the phone. I make no apologies,” one person wrote.

“I wanna give Holly a hug. Can you give her a hug from me?” another added.

Other Instagram users also stated that it looks like Holly receives a lot of love and care herself, noting how clean and shiny her fur is.