Dog Immediately Recognizes Owner Despite Not Seeing Her in Over a Year

We sometimes forget how strong a bond between a dog and its owner can be. Fortunately, videos like one recently shared by TikTok user @daddycaddyyy serve as a great reminder.

The clip, which received more than 3 million views since being posted in early May, shows a beautiful pupper named Olive standing on the sidewalk. Her owner, whom she hasn’t seen in over a year, is walking past her to see if the dog can recognize her.

Olive is looking keenly as her owner passes by and then swiftly turns her head in disbelief. The dog then runs to her human and showers her with affection.

TikTok users rushed to the video’s comments section to share their opinions on what Olive must have been thinking about at that exact moment.

“she said ‘i know you didn’t just walk past me like that’” @tonyanewhouse wrote.

“’ I know that ain’t who I think it is’ look and sniff,” @averyvoslc7 added.

There you have it. If you worry about whether your dog will remember you if you are away for a long time, don’t. They definitely remember you and will forgive you for your absence as soon as you give them some cuddles.