Dog Steals a GoPro Camera and Makes a Funny Video

Meet Elvis, a one-year-old black Labrador who likes to play and seizes every opportunity to have fun with his owners. Because they have amazing times together, Elvis’ mom Mikaela decided to buy a GoPro camera and capture these funny moments.

Mikaela was so excited to make movies with her dog and one sunny day she unpacked the camera and went outside with Elvis to play. Little did she know that Elvis would be even more excited to use this camera than she was.

As soon as she showed the GoPro camera to Elvis, the dog grabbed it and started running around the backyard.

“I just showed it to him, and he took it quick as a shark and took off,” Mikaela told The Dodo.

The GoPro was on the entire time, so Elvis managed to film the funniest video of him running around and his mom chasing him.

“I was a little scared that he would chew on it, that’s why I’m running like a crazy person,” Mikaela said.

You can see this hilarious video below and make sure to follow Elvis’ Instagram to see more of his adventures.