Dog Stuck in a Rock Quarry Uses His Bark to Call for Help

Animal organization North Canaan Animal Control recently shared a “crazy story with a very happy ending” about a dog named Rippy who saved himself from a rock quarry with loud barks, and it’s one of those stories everyone should know about. 

Earlier in May, an unnamed individual was passing by a rock quarry in North Canaan, Connecticut, when he heard dog barks. He notified North Canaan Animal Control, and its animal control officer Lindsay Burr immediately headed to the site. Unfortunately, despite hearing the barks themselves, they couldn’t locate the dog even after using a drone.

Burr returned to the quarry the next day, having a pretty good idea about the dog in need of help. She talked with a pet owner who said their dog Rippy, a 30 lb Terrier mix, went missing in the same area.

When quarry workers told her that they couldn’t assist her in rescuing the dog, who was still barking for help, Burr contacted the local rope rescue team and firefighters, who were happy to help. It wasn’t long before two rescuers made 50 feet descent and found Rippy. The dog, which likely fell from the cliff and couldn’t get out on his own, was exhausted but avoided major injuries.

“Rippy was caught and safely brought back up the cliff.  I called his owner right away who came and picked him up so he could go home to decompress , get cleaned up and then checked out. I want to thank everyone who was involved in this crazy rescue.  Rippy’s mom thanks everyone as well!!  He is one very lucky dog to have survived a fall off one of those cliffs!!” Burr wrote on Facebook while sharing several photos from the rescue mission.