Dog Trainer Reveals the Mistake Everyone Makes With “Paw”

“Paw” is one of the coolest tricks you can teach your dog. It is basically a high five but with your furry friend, and it looks so cool. However, getting it right is always a lot harder than it seems.

Seeing that a lot of people are having trouble with it, dog trainer Charlie Gardiner decided to make a video for her TikTok channel in which she revealed one mistake everyone makes while teaching their dogs to give their paws.

According to Gardiner, you should never try and grab your dog’s paw. Instead, you should let the dog bring their paw to your hand.

She recommends taking a treat and holding it in a fist in front of the dog. They will first try to get it with their nose before eventually patting it with their paw. At this point, you should open your fist and let them have the treat. Eventually, they will learn to give you their paw even without the treat. 

Gardiner’s video became quite popular on social media, getting close to four million views. Even TikTok users who don’t have a dog were amazed by it.

“Who watched the whole video without even having a dog?” one user wrote.