This Dog Wants to Help Save National Parks Through Her Scenic Photos

Image by @dora_dog_explorer / Instagram

Dora, also known as Dog Explorer in her Instagram page, is a Jack Russell-Yorkshire Terrier mix. She was born in Ireland but emigrated to USA when she was just a year old pup.

Currently, she lives in San Francisco and her owner loves to travel a lot. They would bring Dora along with them. They traveled two cross country road trips, visiting National Parks and cities along the way. They experienced snow and hail storms, earthquakes, heat waves and even tornado.

Dora has explored California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma, North & South Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Missouri and Arkansas. According to National Parks Conservation Association, funding for National Parks is being threatened. Hopefully Dora’s scenic photos can help feature the importance of saving the natural beauty of these parks.