Dog Who Spent 9 Years on a Chain in the Dog Sledding Industry Learns to Trust Again

TikTok user Maliah Wilson recently shared a touching video that documents the story of a dog named Zen, who was rescued from the dog sledding industry. His story is a heartbreaking one but comes with a happy ending.

According to the video, which went viral, Zen spent nine years on a chain in the sledding industry before arriving at Wilson’s home. The clip shows that the dog was in really poor condition and scared of human interaction. But Wilson didn’t intend to give up on trying, showing him that not all humans are bad.

With time, love, and patience, Wilson managed to gain Zen’s trust. Soon, the smile returned to Zen’s face, and he became just another jolly pupper who enjoyed cuddling and playing.

“And he ended up helping me more than I could have ever helped him. There is so much good in this world,” Wilson wrote in the video.


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TikTok users were overjoyed with the way Zen’s story ended while praising Wilson for her actions in the comments section.

“Ur amazing and now im crying,” one user commented.

“You are an angel and he is beautiful,” another added.