Doggo and His Owner Started the Cutest Trend We’ve Seen Recently – Twinning

Image via li4mrice/Instagram

24-year-old Liam Rice tweeted what he thought would be just another normal selfie with his husky Luna. Little did he know it will go viral and inspire many people to copy the new trend the two of them have unintentionally set.

Liam is an animal care officer from Isle of Man, a small island located between Great Britain and Ireland. He said that “going viral has just been so bizarre. Usually you see people go viral for actually doing something productive, but all I did was take a picture with my dog and I woke up the next day to a frozen phone (from the notifications). It’s been so lovely though to read all the positive comments and seeing other people with their dogs!”

Here are Liam and Luna.

Good morning 💕

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Goodnight 🐺💕

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And here are some of the people who tried the new trend, “twinning”.