Dogs Bring an Unexpected Guest to the House

Dogs are usually so social that they can’t help themselves to become friends with almost everyone. This includes both humans and other animal species. Just recently, one homeowner discovered that his two dogs made friends with a deer in the most unexpected way.

In a recent video recorded by a Barnesville, Ohio, resident and shared by Viral Hog, a dog can be seen entering the house through a doggy door. Soon, another head emerges through a doggy door, and a deer makes an entrance as well, followed by another dog.

It turned out that dogs named Arrow and Cappy had befriended a wild animal while outdoors and decided to invite it to their house.

“We recently installed a doggy door, but we never expected this… Our dogs Arrow and Cappy brought home a surprise guest of their own!” the owner shared about the unusual event.

Dogs enjoy the most when they are in the company of humans or other dogs. However, cases of them socializing with other species are not rare. This is mainly thanks to their social instincts and need for affection. According to experts, once dogs make friends with other species, they consider them a member of their pack.