Dog’s Life Can Be Described Through Their Prized Possessions

Image via aliciariusphoto/Instagram

I bet most of the owners would like to know the personality of their dogs, what defines them, their likes and dislikes, among others.

Most probably, the things your dog puts in its mouth can tell you about its character. Animal photographer Alicia Rius shared photo collages that show the life and emotions of different breeds of dogs using their most adored, most used possessions. To achieve this project, she let the dogs do what they love during the shoot.

The objects that define their everyday routine, items your pets regularly carry, keep, and even eat – can give us a clue as to what their minds and hearts usually say, according to Rius. She believes that your pet’s belongings display both their strengths and weaknesses and help owners read their feelings by looking into the dog’s photo with their toys, food and things they love the most.

Scroll down to see their prized possessions below.