Double the Trouble: Meet Minnie and Max

What’s better than one pug? Two pugs! And what’s better than that? Two pugs tilting their head!

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“The Pug Head Tilt.” 💖❤️💚

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Minnie and Max became an overnight sensation thanks to a viral clip showing them tilting their heads back and forth while being asked if they want to go for a ride or a walk. The media was quick to grab onto those tiny pooches, and they’ve been invited on TV shows as big as The Tonight Show and Ellen.

“It always fun to run into people who recognize them,” their owners relayed in an interview with Hello Bark. “We ran into a fan jogging in Chicago who stopped us on the street. We occasionally see fans who obviously recognize them but don’t want to bother us. They should know we’re always happy to stop for a photo.”

“One of the great things about having two pugs is they always have each other, even when no humans are around,” add their owners. “Minnie and Max are very bonded. They usually hang out together and use each other as pillows. Plus, it’s always nice for each human to have their own pug next to them at all times.”

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