Ed The Cat Become an Internet Sensation Thanks to His TikTok Performance

TikTok is the perfect platform where you can post your hilarious videos, and lip-syncing to the 1954 Mr. Sandman song by the Chordettes with a nine-camera split filter is one of the most popular ones. The trend first started a couple of months ago, when user Enoch True broke the Internet with his hilarious video.

However, this time a four-year-old cat named Ed is becoming the new TikTok king. His owner, Jade Taylor-Ryan, posted a hilarious video of her cat dancing to the Mr. Sandman song.

“Honestly, not much thought went into this video, I was just bored one night and I saw another users video using the 9-person filter and so I thought to myself, this would be funny if I did it with my cat and so I did,” she shared with Bored Panda.

The 17-years-old girl and her cat are living in Canada, and according to Taylor-Ryan she named her cat after Ed Sheeran “because they have the same hair color!”

Scroll down and take a look the hilarious video below.

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The video that started it all! #sandmancat

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