Elderly Bat With Arthritis Gets Help From Caregivers, And It’s Adorable

Statler is a 33-year-old, one-eyed bat enjoying his retirement in the Bat World Sanctuary situated in Weatherford, Texas. Due to his injuries and his age, he isn’t allowed to fly by himself.

However, he still goes out for his flights every day with help from the staff. Every morning, Statler gets held by his caregivers, who fly him into the kitchen to the huge bowl of fresh fruit where they let him grab his snacks.

He’s been treated like a true king since day one. Every morning, he enjoys warm sponge baths, as well as a gentle brushing of his fur. He’s also allowed to go outside and have fun hanging on trees.

However, his favorite thing is to cuddle with his mom by curling around her arm and falling asleep.

Sadly, in the beginning, it wasn’t like this at all: he was afraid and had some trust issues: “To build trust with him has taken time. He’s got some arthritis. He’s got some spots on him. But we think he is handsome. He’s got just so much love and life,” a senior bat caregiver named Moriah told The Dodo.

To see Statler’s cute face, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to support the Bat World Sanctuary by following them on Instagram.