Elias Herrera & His Cow Bruce Are Taking TikTok by Storm With Their Silly Videos

We’ve seen many TikTokers find viral fame thanks to their unusual choice of pets, but Elias Herrera took things to a whole new level. He’s living his best life with his pet cow Bruce and their hilarious videos attracted millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Bruce was just three days old when Herrera welcomed him to his farm, where he’s taking care of many other animals alongside his wife and four sons. He bottle-fed the young calf every day for almost three months, making sure he was getting all the care he deserved.

@elias_filmz Trying to make pizza with Bruce! #cow #brucethecow #farm #animals #pizza ♬ original sound – Elias Herrera

He had a lot of knowledge about cattle before Bruce walked into his life and they quickly became BFFs. After a video of Bruce coming into a family home through a large sliding door and stealing a pancake went viral, Herrera kept bringing him inside.

“He’s had a personality from the start. He’s just a lot of energy, super curious, which is pretty rare [in cows]. And so that’s ultimately my decision to bring him in the house was like, Bruce is friendly, he’s curious, he loves food, so it’ll be easy to make this work,” Herrera told People.

Herrera’s TikTok page @elias_filmz is followed by two million people, plus 1.7 million more on Instagram, and his main goal is to make people laugh with Bruce by his side.

@elias_filmz Trying to swim with Bruce! #cow #brucethecow #farm #animals #pool ♬ original sound – Elias Herrera
@elias_filmz Cooking breakfast with Bruce! #cow #brucethecow #farm #animals #cooking ♬ original sound – Elias Herrera
@elias_filmz Trying to paint with Bruce! #cow #brucethecow #farm #animals ♬ original sound – Elias Herrera