Emotional Support Dog Reunited With His Owner After Missing for Two Years

There is nothing quite as heartbreaking as losing your pet, but every once in a while, they find their way back to you. One woman from Indiana was moved to tears after getting reunited with her support dog Loki, who went missing two years ago.

It’s been two years since the last time Samantha Powers saw her emotional support dog Loki, who went missing after getting away while Powers’ friend was watching him. She lost all hope she’d ever see him again, but everything changed when she received a call from Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.

Loki was found two years later, and it turned out he was doing pretty well in the meantime. Someone else found him and took care of him as their own, but he wasn’t identified as Powers’ dog until his microchip was scanned after he got loose.  

Powers was head over heels to welcome Loki back home because she sees him as a part of her family, and she’s encouraging all the other pet owners out there to microchip their animals.

“I think everybody and anybody that has any kind of animal – whether it’s indoors or outdoors, no matter what it is – microchip your puppies, your cats, your rats, your birds. The microchip was a lifesaver. Without that, I wouldn’t have gotten my boy back,” she told WPTA.