Enormous Fish Discovered in Australia

An odd sunfish of an impressive size has been found washed up on the coast of the Murray River in South Australia. A local Linette Grzelak and her partner have stumbled upon this gigantic creature and, at first, they thought it was fake but it is, in fact, the real deal.

The photo they uploaded on Facebook has instantly gone viral.

The fish was found dead and according to fish experts, this creature is not usually found in South Australia.

“I’ve actually had a good look at it, we get three species here and this is actually the rarest one in South Australian waters”, Ralph Foster, a fish expert from the South Australian Museum, told ABC. “It’s the oceanic sunfish, which in other parts of the world is common but here it’s more unusual, it’s the one known as Mola mola.”

The odd-looking fish is pretty massive and looks scary, but the fact is that sunfish is actually totally harmless to humans. They have a small beak which can’t be completely closed and they feed on jellyfish and zooplankton.