Expert Shares Tips on How to Help an Overheated Dog

dog drinking water
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Dealing with the summer heat is challenging for humans, so imagine how dogs must feel with their thick coats. Overheating is a common occurrence for dogs during hot days, making it crucial for owners to know how to approach this situation.

In a recent viral post on Facebook, an expert from Tennessee-based animal shelter Russell Rescue TN decided to provide dog owners with some tips on how to help their pets when dealing with a case of overheating.

According to the post, it is crucial for owners not to spread cold water on the dogs or wrap them in a wet towel.

“Due to cold, the veins contract, and due to high temperatures (above 42 degrees), the proteins in the blood collide, causing the blood to become thick and tight,” Russell Rescue TN writes in the post, adding that this can prevent blood from entering the heart and organs and have fatal consequences.

Russell Rescue TN expert recommends that you should give the dog lukewarm water to drink before cooling his feet and chest/belly with a wet towel. After that, the pupper should be placed in a shade while lying on a wet towel.

It is important to note that the fact check entry on Russell Rescue TN’s post says that “any water is better than no water” in emergency situations but advises to apply the water “gently” in order to prevent shock or panic.