Family Adopts Stray Puppy After He “Breaks Into” Their House

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding an unknown dog inside your house with all the doors and windows being closed. That’s just what happened to Philadelphia man Jack Jokinen and his family, who thought he was in the middle of a big mystery or a magic event.

Jack’s wife Emily woke up one morning to feed her newborn baby girl. When she got down to the first floor, she noticed a stray puppy in her home. She woke up Jack, who checked the entire house for more intruders, only to find out there is no way the dog could enter the house.

In order to solve the mystery, Jack watched the security footage and ended up getting to the bottom of the story. It turned out that their front door wasn’t shut all the way, and the wind blew them open in the middle of the night. The stray dog used the opportunity and sneaked in.

Shortly after, Jokinen’s neighbor was passing by and noticed that the door was opened. He tried to call and get their attention before deciding to shut the door.

While most people would just kick off the intruder on the street, Jokinens decided to give this story a happy ending. They adopted the stray puppy, who they named Suzy, and welcomed her to their family.

Learn more about this heartwarming story in the video below.