Family Notices Rescue Dog Constantly Leaving His Bowl Half Full

Image via Joice Lamas/Instagram

When Joice Lamas and her husband adopted Otávio from a rescue group that had saved him from an abusive household early last year, Lamas knew right away that he needed help.

Since taking Otávio home, Lamas has seen him blossom. From a dog who is fearful of human contact, Otávio now loves to snuggle and cuddle. But there are still scars of the past that the dog has not forgotten yet. Like how Otávio eats. No matter how much food Lamas puts on the adorable dog’s bowl, he always leaves half. Lamas didn’t know exactly the reason behind this, but she suspects it’s connected to the years he spent neglected. For Otávio, meal times may have been so few and scarce, that he learned to ration what he was given or set aside for those hungry dogs around him.

“It’s sad,” Lamas told The Dodo. “I always tell him, ‘It’s OK if you eat everything.'”

Hopefully, time will help him realize that past is now gone and his new family is committed to helping him in every way possible.

“I know he will never be without anything in life — not food, not love,” Lamas shared. “We try to make him as happy as possible.”

Lamas admitted that caring for a dog saved from abuse can be a challenging task. “They need patience and a lot of love, because they can take longer to adapt,” Lamas shared. “But it is remarkable how love changes animals. A rescued animal is much sweeter, more grateful and affectionate than others. They’re simply incredible!”