Family Pretends to Give Jealous Dog an Ear Medicine and it’s Too Adorable to Watch

Photo by Hunter Thompson on Unsplash

Twitter user Chloe Copley (@chloecopley_05) recently posted a cute video of her two dog’s daily routine, where they receive their ear medicine but the funny thing here is that only one pup actually needs the meds.

The family doesn’t want the other dog to be left out, so when he arrives for his dose, Copley’s dad pretended to give him the meds and a complimentary ear rub.

Dog #1 is the only dog who needs to receive drops every night plus an ear rub to make sure it gets absorbed. Dog #2, however, doesn’t really need this medication but that doesn’t stop him from getting his own dosage and ear rub  – which probably is the reason why he wants to receive this treatment.