Fish Swim Around This Flooded Vietnamese Café

Pet-friendly cafés are widely popular all around the world, but the Vietnamese café called Amix Coffee took this concept to a whole new level. The floors of this café are flooded and filled with fish that swim around the customers’ legs while they’re drinking coffee.

23-year-old Nguyen Duoc Hoa dreamed of having a pet-themed local for a long time. Last year his dream became a reality when she opened this unique café.

“I wanted to create a unique concept, that did not exist in any other place. I am from a coastal city, I love fish and thought it was a good way to create a business combining innovation and my hobby,” Hoa said.

According to the owner, people usually have very positive feedback and are open to this concept.

“Most families don’t cause any problems, but there have been some naughty children who try to catch the fish, and their parents don’t say anything. We have had to invite them to leave.”

The water level is up to 25 centimeters deep and visitors are required to take off their shoes and clean their feet before they enter.

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