Fishtopher the Viral Sad Cat Gets Adopted Thanks to Social Media

Image via mister.fishtopher/Instagram

When used right, the power of social media can make the world a  better place. One recent example is the story of a rescue cat named Fishtopher.

Fishtoper was first introduced to the world after Twitter user @mollyaclarke shared his Pet Finder biography. The five-year-old feline was described as “very sad and depressed,” with the photo to prove it. However, the ad also said that he “loves being a pet” and is “an affectionate boy.”

It didn’t take long for Fishtoper to become the talk of the internet. The post quickly received more than 20K retweets and 160K likes, causing the cat’s Pet Finder profile to reach people from all over the United States. New Jersey’s Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, which posted the ad, ended up receiving hundreds of adaptation requests in a couple of days.

Laura Folts and her partner Tanner Callahan were among those who fell in love with Fishtoper and ended up making the two-hour trip from Baltimore to meet him. The trip ended up being successful as they were the ones who got to take the cat home and provide him with a happy home.

“Knowing he was popular, we drove up to Homeward Bound with some hopes, but knew if not Fishtopher, we wouldn’t come home empty paw’d as we saw a few other cats online that we were considering,” Folts told NBC News. “We arrived early enough to be the first ones, and he was adopted!”

Fishtopher is now enjoying himself with his new owners, and hopefully, he will never be sad again.

The updates on Fishtopher’s adventures can be found @mister.fishtopher on Instagram.