Florida Woman Falls in Love With Moths After Saving Giant Moth and Raising Her 200 Babies

A Florida woman named Tala saw insects as scary creatures for most of her life, but it all changed when one friendly moth came into her life. She brought her in to protect her from the storm, and took care of her 200 eggs after she flew away, becoming a self-proclaimed “Moth Mom”.

Tala had quite a following on social media thanks to her cosplaying videos, but she became an even bigger sensation after she shared a story of finding a giant female moth. It was unable to fly after being knocked to the ground by a strong breeze, and she decided to protect you overnight because a strong storm was coming.

The moth eventually flew away, but it laid eggs before departing and leaving her clutch behind. She had to do a lot of research to properly raise 200 moth eggs and eventually had to let them fly away. Those 200 moths are long gone, but Tala’s love for moths will stay with her forever.

“I thought they were something really big and scary. Now when I look at them and I see these ‘monster eyespots,’ it doesn’t scare me anymore. I see the beauty in them, and I like how they use them to scare off other big animals!” she told Epoch Times.