Fox Steals a Phone from Animal Rescuer and Records a Cool Video

Animal rescuer Ben Fitzcosta from UK-based animal welfare charity RSPCA recently experienced a situation that he had never seen before in his line of work. During a rescue call, a sly fox stole his phone and then proceeded to make a cool video.

RSPCA received a tip about an injured fox in the woods of Surrey County, England, and dispatched Fitzcosta to help the animal. Arriving on the scene, Fitzcosta saw a fox and laid down his phone in order to film the rescue.

But before he knew it, fox approached the phone, grabbed it with her mouth, and then ran away. As it turned out, this was another fox who just happened to be curious about the phone and wanted to test its videography skills.

Fox ended up leaving the phone at one point, allowing Fitzcosta to retrieve it. Once he looked it up, he realized that it was recording the whole time.

RSPCA later shared the entire video on its social media channels, and it is safe to say it was an amazing watch.


For fox sake! Our animal rescuer was called to help an injured fox but was intercepted by this perfectly fine fella who had other ideas 😏 After retrieving the phone, we managed to catch the poorly fox who is now getting some much-needed TLC 🦊💙 #RSPCA #AnimalRescue #Fox

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Fitzcosta ended up finding the injured fox and brought it back to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue for treatment.

“I did find the injured fox and managed to rescue her, she is now being treated at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue as she has an inflamed leg from an old injury. Hopefully she will make a full recovery,” Fitzcosta shared in RSPCA’s press release.