Fun Facts About Crocodiles You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Rae Wallis on Unsplash

We don’t blame you if you think there is nothing fun about crocodiles. After all, these are some scary-looking reptiles you don’t want to meet face to face. However, there is much more to them than this. Besides being scary, crocodiles are also quite fascinating and interesting creatures. Check out these fun facts. 

Crocodiles Go Through 8,000 Teeth During Their Life

Losing teeth isn’t a concern for crocodiles as they quickly get a new one growing out. It is estimated that a single crocodile can go through 8,000 teeth.

Crocodile Jaw Can Be Shut With a Rubber Band

You probably know that crocodiles have the strongest bite in the animal world. However, the strength doesn’t actually apply to their jaw as a whole. The muscles they use to open their jaw are surprisingly weak, and the jaw can be shut using only a rubber band.

Crocodiles Use Stones to Improve Their Digestion

Crocodiles are no strangers to swallowing a few stones here and there. The stones help them with digestion as they grind up the food in their stomach. 

Some Crocodiles Can Go Without Food for a Year

The metabolism of crocodiles is extremely efficient. The food they eat is stored in its entirety so it can be used to provide energy later on. As a result, some crocodiles can go without food for a year.

“Crocodile Tears” Are Actually a Thing

“Crocodile tears” is often considered just an expression, but these reptiles do cry. However, it’s for all the wrong reasons. When eating their prey, crocodiles tend to be craving and swallow too much air. This air causes their tear glands to react, resulting in what we perceive as tears.