Fun Facts About Foxes You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Photo by Qijin Xu on Unsplash

We already know that foxes are smart and sneaky animals. They even inspired the term “sly as a fox.” So let’s focus on the things we don’t know and check out some of the fun facts about them.

Foxes Use Earth’s Magnetic Field to Hunt

Foxes are known to be great hunters, but it turns out they have one competitive advantage. According to studies, foxes can sense Earth’s magnetic field and use it to determine the distance between them and their prey. This allows them to be more accurate in their attacks. 

Foxes Are Loners

Foxes belong to the same family of animals as dogs and wolves. But unlike them, foxes are solitary animals. They hunt alone, sleep alone, and avoid socialization most of the time.

Foxes Can Produce 40 Different Sounds

You have probably seen videos on the internet of foxes laughing. But while it isn’t actually a laugh in the way humans do it, it is a testament to the ability of foxes to produce a range of different sounds. Some scientists estimate that foxes can produce up to 40 different sounds.

Foxes Are Friendly

People have been known to fear foxes, but there is no need for that. While wild foxes can be dangerous, they are usually not aggressive. Their curious and playful nature makes them actually friendly, and there have been cases in which they were successfully domesticated.