Fun Facts About Giant Pandas You Probably Never Knew

Giant panda
Photo by Kerry Hu on Unsplash

Ask someone to tell you their favorite animals, and big fluffy pandas will surely be on the list for many people. But despite their popularity (and cuteness), there are lots of things people still don’t know about giant pandas. So, let’s now change that by checking out some fun facts about these fascinating animals.

Panda Cubs Are Born Pink and Furless

When they are born, panda cubs are pink and furless. Their fur gradually develops in the following months into a recognizable pattern. Sometimes, the fur can look pink as well due to a chemical reaction between the panda baby’s skin and the saliva of the panda mother.

One Panda Year is Equivalent to Three to Four Human Years

Giant pandas can live up to 30 years in captivity and up to 20 years in the wild. It is generally considered that one panda year is equivalent to three to four human years.

Pandas Can Swim

While they prefer climbing on trees, pandas can also swim if there is a need for that. This isn’t surprising, considering they belong to the bear family.

Pandas Eat a Lot

Imagine spending most of your day eating and napping. That is the life of a giant panda since they usually spend 12 hours a day munching.

Pandas Are Picky Eaters

An even more interesting fact is that pandas usually don’t eat anything other than bamboo. They eat bamboo shoots when they are in season, from April to August, and munch on bamboo leaves for the rest of the year.