Fun Facts About Orangutans You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Dan Dennis on Unsplash

Orangutans are considered to be among the most intelligent primates, being able to recognize one another, craft and use tools, and construct elaborate sleeping platforms. But you probably already knew that. So, let’s check out some facts about orangutans that you probably didn’t know.

Orangutans and Humans Share 97% of Their DNA

Orangutans are considered among our closest relatives, and several studies have confirmed this. A study published in Nature Journal in 2011 concluded that orangutans and humans share 97% of their DNA.

Orangutans Love to Laugh and Are Ticklish

Orangutans have been observed to produce vocalization that is strikingly similar to human laughter while playing with each other. This is a particularly common occurrence when they wrestle because they are ticklish.

Orangutans Build a New Sleeping Nest Every Day

Orangutans love comfort, which is why they build sleeping nests. They build a base with thick sticks to make it sturdy and then fill it out with thin branches and vegetation for comfines. What’s particularly interesting is that they build a new sleeping nest every day and can do it in around five minutes.

Orangutans Have Surprisingly Long Arms

Orangutans have an average height of around 4 feet, but their arms are almost twice as long, regularly measuring more than 7 feet. This helps them swing through the trees and spend most of their time there.

Baby Orangutans Have a Special Bond with Their Moms

Baby orangutans have a special bond with their moms. A baby orangutan will usually spend between six and eight years with their mother, during which they’ll learn the necessary skills to survive on their own in the wild.