Fun Facts About Penguins You Probably Never Knew

Penguins in the wild
Photo by Pam Ivey on Unsplash

Penguins are birds that can’t fly, but they can swim. How weird is that? But that is not even the most fascinating thing about them. It turns out that there are many more interesting things that make penguins stand out among the rest of the animal world. Check them out below.

Male Penguins Gift Pebbles to Their Potential Mates

Male penguins gift pebbles to female penguins in an attempt to impress them during mating season. And it isn’t just any pebble. They are known to spend hours searching the beach to find a perfect pebble.

Some Penguin Species Mate For Life

It is well worth finding the perfect pebble, because when some penguin species get a mate, they have it for life. Even if they end up being away from each other for prolonged periods, they meet again on the breeding grounds. The mates identify each other by producing distinct sounds.

Penguin Tuxedo is a Form of Camouflage

Penguin’s black and white feathers are quite stylish. However, there is much more to this “tuxedo” look than being elegant. It turns out that it also helps them camouflage. When they swim, the black color of their back is hard to spot from above. The white color on their bellies, on the other hand, matches the surface o the ocean and makes them less visible from underneath. 

Penguins Can Walk Long Distances

While they may seem slow, penguins are no strangers to walking long distances. In some cases, like reaching their breeding grounds, penguins can walk more than 60 miles in one direction.

Penguins Produce Waterproof Oil

There is a reason why penguins look shiny but not wet once they get out of the water; they are somewhat waterproof. Penguins have glands near their tail that produce waterproof oil, which they then use to cover their feathers. This helps them get warmer, be waterproof, and be able to swim faster.